You know when its 1am and you can’t sleep because things are on your mind and you just want to try whatever you can do to help them and you hope that one day your dreams will come true, because I believe dreams can come true as long as you fight for them and I’m going to fight for my dreams, one way or another I’m going try i’d rather try my best then not try at all. Goodnight(hopefully) :). 


You have to approach each day as if it was your last, live for today. You never know what is round the corner, take risks but sensible ones, if you have dreams chase them. Nothing is impossible. Live life to the full don’t have regrets because you only get one life, Get your smile on and be proud of yourself, why because you are unique because your are one of the many unique humans that are on this earth, some people admittedly don’t deserve to be on this planet but less of them and more of focusing on you. Happiness is something which I thought I had lost, it came back but it never brought me as much happiness as what speaking to you does and for that I am very thankful, I just hope that one day things can go further and we meet. My life has changed because of you, You truly are  amazing no matter what anyone says, I know you are and I made a promise, a promise that I would never lie to you and I’m not lying when i say your dam right amazing and beautiful. I hope you see this and keep fighting, ill fight with you. Good days and bad days I will always try and help ill always give 100% because your worth every bit of fight i have so im going to make sure you get happiness, because that is the least you deserve. :)